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Petersons Wines

Michael Partridge
1 November 2018 | Cellar Door | Michael Partridge

Cellaring your precious wine!

Wine is highly sensitive to heat. Fluids expand as the temperature rises, whilst the bottle will remain the same dimensions. Therefore, there is only one place the wine can expand to is via the cork.

In general terms the ideal temperature for storing wine is around 15 degrees and certainly no warmer than 20 degrees. It is also important that the temperature is constant with not too much fluctuation.

It is also important to remember that what may feel cool to us, may not feel cool to your wine. If it is 35 degrees outside and you go into a house that is 25 degrees it will feel cool. However 25 degrees is still too warm for your wine.

Wine is also impacted by light, humidity and vibration.

Our wines are designed for cellaring and therefore we use the best quality cork available on the Australian market.

Please remember to not leave your wine in the car.


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